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Other Apple Alumni Organizations


The ATG Alumni (Mailing List)

"Send a message to atg-alumni-request@lists.best.com and in the BODY put

subscribe <your_name@your_address.com> to get the digest, or

subsingle <your_name@your_address.com> to get the list as individual messages.

"Subscription to the list is moderated to ensure that only ATG alumni get subscribed. A small note telling us who you are (and when you were in ATG), placed after your subscription request, will help us out.

"Your subscription request will have to be authenticated. Just follow the instructions in the message you receive. This really helps reduce erroneous addresses and the amount of effort it takes to administer this list. If you have *any* problems please don't hesitate to contact the list mavens at: atg-alumni-owner@lists.best.com"

Apple Alumni Web Log

Beckie Pack has started an Apple alumni page / web log at http://www.onlymacintosh.com/applealumni

Apple Alumni Home Page

"The Apple Alumni Association (AAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping current and past members of the Apple family keep in touch with each other and share information on where the jobs are." See: http://www.applealumni.org/

Core Tools Memorial

"This is a partial list of members of Core Tools, the primary contributers toEssentials, Tools, Objects (ETO). Most people listed on this page were laid off on Bloody Tuesday, March 18, 1997." See: http://pw2.netcom.com/~kjray/eto.contact.info.html


FACES (Former Apple Company Employees Society) Apple France. Faces est une association régie par la loi 1901 crée en 1994. Elle rassemble les personnes ayant une expérience professionnelle acquise en tant qu'employé(e) du groupe Apple Computer Inc. qui souhaitent prolonger les relations amicales et professionnelles qu'elles ont développées dans le cadre du groupe Apple Computer Inc. À ce jour FACES rassemble plus de 150 membres. See: http://faces.rever.fr

The Human Interface Group Alumni Page

This is a complete list of members, including the contractors, interns, and visiting scholars who passed through Apple's Human Interface Group (A.K.A. HIG and the ATG HI Group): see http://web.hulteen.com/eric/hig_alumni.html.

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