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Tom's Bookmarks

Frequently used links

Alta Vista
The Edge
Arts and Letters
Jon Carroll column
Encylopedia Britanica
Minneapolis Area Radar
Upper Midwest Radar
Time of Day
Real Time Clock
Click for Minneapolis, Minnesota Forecast
Click for White Plains, New York Forecast


Virtual Communities & Associations

research and writing
Center for the Study of Online Community (Marc Smith)
The Social Worlds Project (Ackerman)
HFES Virtual Environments SIG
Community-based research (Bellcore)
Papers from Electric Communities Folk
more research and writing
Digital Communities (Mitchell & Kapor class notes)
Adv Comm Tech Lab (Allucquere Rosanne Stone)
Computer Mediated Communications Center
Howard Rheingold's list of VC Resources
Gender, Ethnicity, and Class Bibliography
Communities of Practice Literature Review
Judith Donath's Thesis
Bibliography on Electronic Forums by A. Rojo
Selected Readings on CMC, Communication Theory, Networks and the Internet, by John December
Resource Center for Cyberculture
The Utne Cafe
The Telegarden
Cyborganic Gardens
Blacksburg Electronic Villiage
Web Rings
Viper Net, An American digital suburb
Tsukuba Science City
New Jersey's Online Communities
Digital City (Netherlands)
Electric Communities, Inc.
The Palace
Worlds.net (alphaworld, starbright, etc.)
ExploreNet: 2-D virtual worlds for education
Hermetica's Nexus: Java world builder
Community Builder Software (Amicus)
WebCrossing (persistant chat software-Lundeen)

Design (Non-Virtual )

The Patterns Home Page
The EAP (Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology) Newsletter
Mike Greenberg's Front Porch (Essays, etc.)
Cities of Text: Some Notes On Some Notes on Intranets, Knowledge Management And Urban Planning
Industrial Design Network (CORE)

Conferences, Journals, etc.

HICSS 2005 (January 3-6, Hawaii)
HICSS 2005 Persistent Conversation CFP
CHI 2005 (April 2-7, Portland, OR)
Other conferences and deadlines
AoIR (Assoc. of Internet Researchers)
IFIP 8.2 (Information Systems and Organisations)
JCMC (the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication)
HICSS Digital Library
See Persistent Conversation minitrack & PC History
Journal of Online Behavior
Resource Center for Cyberculture
ACM Digital Library (s/m)
IEEE Digital Library (s/m)

Ivrea (Interaction Design Institute)
Ivrea - The Hub (Ivrea Blog, etc.)


Mark Ackerman
Brenda Laurel (essays)
Phil Agre (and his RRE News Service)
Nancy Baym
Jeremy Bornstein
Amy Bruckman
Daniel Chandler
Steve Cisler
Andreas Dieberger
Judith Donath and the Sociable Media Group
Beki Grinter
Mark Guzdial
Starr Roxanne Hiltz
Ted Kaehler
Beth Kolko
Cathy Marshall
Scot McCloud (Understanding Comics, etc.)
Aldo de Moor
Don Norman
Dan O'Sullivan
Gary Perlman
Jef Raskin
Elizabeth Reid (aka Elizabeth Reid Steere)
Howard Rheingold
Warren Sack
Nathan Shedroff
David N. Smith
Allucquere Rosanne Stone
John Thomas
Murray Turoff
Directory of Internet Researchers

Interaction Design/HCI

associations, conferences, journals, talk announcements
CSTG (Human Factors Society)
Center for Cyberculture Studies
Conference CFP Archive
CSLI Talk Announcements
First Monday (a digital journal)
Interactions Magazine
Institute for the Future
Institute for Research on Learning (IRL)
Usability Professionals Association (UPA)
research groups, companies
British Telecom Labs
CMU Dept of Design
CREW (Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work), Michigan
E-Lab: Conceptual and Strategic Design Consulting Co.
People, Computers and Design (Stanford)
Pliant Research
Stanford Center for Design Research
Stanford Interactive Media Group
year books, directories, bibliographies, etc
HICSS Digital Library
AHA Community (Apple HI Alumni) page
Bibliography on Social Aspects of Computing (Phil Agre)
HCI People
The LNR Research Group Alumni page (UCSD)
General HCI-type info (The Virtual Library; HCI)
General HCI Information (Delft)
General HCI Information (Yahoo)
SIGCHI Links to HCI Sites, People, Companies, etc.

Miscellaneous / Holding Bin

addall.com (used book meta-search)
alibris (used books)
Interloc (used & rare books)
List of all FAQ lists
Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing
Eighteenth Century Literature (Many Authors and Works)
Asynchronous Learning Networks


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Of more general interest: [Apple HI Alumni page] [Interaction Design Patterns page] [Social Computing]

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